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Dorm safety with Barfy

This is Barfy.

He is the stuffed scotty dog I bought at the CMU bookstore. Barfy is going to tell you the don'ts of dorm life.

#1: Do not drink out of the toilet, no matter how thirsty you may be. Find a cup, find a sink, and fill the cup. Tap water is always better than toilet water.

#2: Do not slam the shower door on any part of your body, including your waist, legs, arms, or head. You are liable to break the door (which you will have to pay for), as well as hurt yourself.

#3: Do not stand on the sink to reach something. Sinks are not made for standing on. Find a chair or use your textbooks.

#4: Do not reach into a light fixture for any reason. You are liable to get electrocuted.

#5: Dorm shelves, if provided, are for storing stuff, not for storing you. They will break, and you will have to pay as well as suffer damage.

#6: Do not leave your dorm room without your keycard or room key. If you are locked out, you will have to wait for campus police to unlock your door, which takes time.

#7: Do not spill liquids. This creates a mess. Then you may slip on the mess and break something, such as the wall, the door, or your head. Keep drinks toward the center of the table.
So this was stupid. So sue me :-P There's not much you can do with an 8 inch tall stuffed dog.
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