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Basic bus info

There are two main stops you will utilize from campus:
Inbound (or towards Downtown) is the stop in front of Morewood Gardens, on Forbes Avenue, across from Warner Hall.
Outbound is the stop in front of the Cut, on Forbes Avenue.
Oakland - Half-price food locations, some shopping, a 7-11, Dave & Andy's ice cream. Take any inbound bus.
Squirrel Hill - Restauraunts, Giant Eagle, Barnes and Noble, The Manor (movie theatre). Take any 61 bus outbound.
Waterfront - Target, Loews (movie theatre), restauraunts, Best Buy, Giant Eagle. Take the 59U outbound or the 61C to Homestead and walk, or catch a 64A from Forbes and Murray..
Southside - Lots of smaller shops, coffee shops. Southside Works has a Cheesecake Factory and various upscale stores. Take the 59U inbound or the 54C inbound (catch it at Forbes and Craig).
Northside - The Strip, other stores. Take the 54C outbound (catch it on Craig street, same side as Union Grill).
Shadyside - Various shops, restauraunts. Take the 71C outbound (catch it on Fifth avenue).
Station Square - Various shops, restauraunts. Take any inbound bus to downtown and walk across the Smithfield bridge.
Pittsburgh International Airport - Planes! Take the 28X inbound (Forbes and Morewood is the first stop).
Bus Karma - A good site to get schedules if you know the bus you want to take or the stop you want to get.
Port Authority - The Pittsburgh Port Authority website.
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