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ECE majors and a calculator

These all-mighty electrical and computer engineering majors try to fix Neetika's broken calculator. Watch their amazing prowess...

1) Study the subject

2) the subject

3) Test the power supply

4) Open it up

5) Get help opening it up

6) Ask a CS major to google "opening a TI-83," then open it up

7) Take it apart

8) Study it... again

9) Mess with its innards

10) Test its innards

11) ...test its innards

12) Take it apart some more

13) Study the various pieces

14) Get second opinions on the various pieces

15) Take a break

16) Discover that they don't know why the hell it isn't working, and reassemble it

17) Reassemble it

18) and...

19) you have your calculator! ...which still doesn't work!

Random stuff:
Okay, so I'm not being totally fair. ECE majors are undoubtedly great at what they do. And there probably is no way to know what's wrong unless you run extensive tests on it.
People in pix are Jeremy, Zane, and Siu. And Neetika since it's her calculator. Yar.
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