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Getting to campus

Getting to the main campus from Mudge is about a 2 minute walk.

First, go through this door, exiting the C tower of Mudge.

Go down these steps and take a left.

Follow the path

past the courtyard

up the steps

and into A tower.

Cut through the lobby

and go out the front door.

Now you're free! Head down the Mudge turnaround to the sidewalk

and follow it

past New House

and past Morewood Gardens

to Forbes Avenue

where you wait for the light.

Cross, go up these steps

and these steps

and you'll find yourself on the cut. And you have made it to the heart of campus! Yay!
Random stuff:
Morewood has 5 towers: A, B, C, D, and E. E is seperate from the main building (towers A-D) and houses only Freshmen.
New House is Freshmen only and is certified Green (meaning it's environmentally friendly).
Morewood used to be luxury apartments before CMU acquired them and turned them into student housing.
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