Alan's Carnegie Mellon Page

My dorm room

I live in Mudge House, which used to be a mansion owned by the Mudge family.

First, you go through this door, bringing you to this hallway...

A right at this hallway takes you to another small hallway, connecting two dorm rooms and a bathroom.

Yes, the room numbers are (badly) painted out. Meh. Anyway, straight in front is my room.

And to the left is my bed.

It's actually pretty clean right now. It's a single room, meaning I don't have a roommate. People tell me I'm lucky to get a single as a Freshman, but sometimes I wish I had a roommate. Meh.
Alternately, head down the stairs before entering the first door...

...and you'll have a choice between a left into a hallway, or down into a hallway.

If you go left, you'll find...

...a laundry room

which you can use for free. However, go down into the other hallway... another door... another hallway...

...which contains soda machines

and a kitchen.

Random stuff:
The lights in the hallways are motion-sensored... but badly, so they turn off when there's people in the hall, and on when there's not.
Yes, those are green sheets on my bed.
Yes, that's only one 2-liter diet coke on my table. I'm cutting back from my 3 a week. Warm diet coke sucks anyway.
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