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Yay college life!

Dinner! Yes, that is a huge pile of fries (see notebook paper on the right for comparison) about 2 inches high. What's in the bowl is half of what was left in the bag after I took the tray of fries (on the left) out. "The O"'s large fries aren't called large for nothing!

Large fries too large for you? Try this pile of small fries!

We get radioactive drinks. This "limeade," for example, is bright neon green. It glows!!!

One of the largest wireless campus networks in the nation, all dorms and campus buildings get nice wireless anywhere. That's Howard in the pic, by the way.

Reuse all containers! That's either the most spoiled milk you've ever seen, or apple juice in a milk jug (your choice). I keep all my bowls from meals too (they use high quality disposable microwavable plastic bowls here). That's Jon in the pic, by the way.

Free food is a precious commodity, so expect tons of people whenever they have free BBQs or meals. This is the line after about an hour, and this BBQ was only for people from Mudge (imagine the lines at BBQs for the whole school).

Gambling! Yay! As long as you're not underage, gambling, drinking, smoking, sex, etc are legal on campus.

The activities fair is where you can find out about all the clubs on campus... at least in theory. In reality, everyone is packed in so tight you're rubbing against everyone and it's like a massive orgy. If it hadn't been raining, this would have been outside on the lawn, where there's plenty of space...

Rain. This is Pittsburgh. We get rain.

Being Pittsburgh, we also get fog. Ooooohhhh.

CMU's meal plan wastes money. We have to spend our bi-weekly allotment of meal blocks and dinex (cash that can only be spent on food items on campus) by the end of the second week or we lose it (and our blocks/dinex reset). This is the result of me spending dinex so I don't lose it: tons of drinks. $22 worth, actually.

...then again, this is how many drinks I drink in a week, not counting the stuff that comes in disposable cups (accounting for another 10 bottles' worth or so). The question is... would I drink this much if I wasn't forced to buy this much?

When I'm sick, my mom tells me to drink water. When I was sick, I drank this much water in 2 days. A good thing? Maybe not...
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