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"The cut" tour

This is the cut:

The cut is the heart of campus. To the left is

the UC, or University Center. This side has tons of side entrances, including

entrances to the bookstore

and Entropy (the convenience store).

To the right are Warner Hall

and Purnell Center for the Arts, which house offices and the Drama department, respectively.

Finally, the other end of the lawn features The Fence and Hunt Library.

Random stuff:
Hunt is built out of aluminum and glass. It was donated with the requirement that it must be visible from Forbes Avenue for the next hundred-odd years (this requirement expires soon), hence the reason we have The cut.
Warner Hall houses the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
Purnell was built from money donated by Alums.
The fence may only be painted between midnight and 6 AM, and then only if it is unmanned.
Whoever currently "owns" the fence must stay there 24/7 (hence the reason for the tent next to the fence).
The previous fence was made of wood and broke under the weight of its paint (which was apparently about 6 inches thick). The new fence is steel-reinforced concrete.
Thanks to Jeremy and Jon for help with this info.
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